Ursinus Against The Antinomians, Libertines, And Similar Fanatics Who Deny That The Decalogue Is For Teaching In The Christian Church (4)

Obj. 4. Christ is not the lawgiver. Therefore his ministers should not teach and enforce the law. Ans. Christ is not the lawgiver, as it respects the principal office of the mediator; but he was and is lawgiver: 1. In as far as he is God and the author of the law, together with the Father. 2. In as far as it belonged to the mediator to free the law from the errors with which it had been corrupted, and to restore its true sense, not indeed chiefly, but that he might be able to accomplish the principal parts of his office, which are comprehended in the reconciliation and salvation of the human race. We may give the same answer to the objection as it relates to the ministers of the gospel, inasmuch as they are to teach and expound no other doctrine to the church than that which Christ himself delivered.

Zacharias Ursinus | Commentary of Dr Zacharias Ursinus on the Heidelberg Catechism, trans. George W. Williard (Cincinnati: Elm Street Printing Company, 1888), 616–18.


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