Replacing Pseudo-Neutrality With Divinely Ordained Natural Law

Abraham Kuyper offers one non-liberal route for the state to organize itself in a way that is supportive of the basic truths of the divinely ordained natural law within a system that is more tolerant of diversity than the Constantinian settlement. Kuyper is certainly not infallible, but I would argue that such an approach is more likely to gain traction in America today than a call for a return to older forms of religious establishmentarianism. It also avoids the destructive pseudo-neutrality of modern secularist absolutism, which tolerates drag queens twerking in public schools, chemical and surgical castration of minors, and the murder of babies in the womb, while forbidding any public acknowledgment of the one true God and his moral law, the only source of goodness, truth, beauty, and justice in the world. Read More»
Ben Dunson | “Abraham Kuyper, the Invisible Church, and Religious Establishments” | July 21, 2022


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