Critical Race Theory And “Our Desperate Need For The Word Of God”

Rhetoric related to critical theory is everywhere we turn. Watch the news, read social media, or listen to the radio. It would be hard to miss the nearly endless references to racism, sexism, and the economic and legal disparities between those who are perceived to have power and privilege and those who are perceived to have been deprived of those things. Whether we like it or not, embrace it or not, concepts related to critical theory are here to stay. However, the world’s ways of addressing the realities of sin never work; they only tend to compound problems and create division. Thus, we are reminded again of our desperate need for the Word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. When the church is extensively infiltrated by distinctively secular ideas, it is worth taking the time to study those influences and to give them serious consideration. This is true of critical theory and the contemporary movements that derive from it. Read More»
Eric Watkins | “Christianity or Critical Theory?” | October 14, 2021


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  1. Well said Dr. Watkins. A subject that is far too easy to ignore and should be better understood, especially by Christians. Satan’s attempt to create a false kingdom on Earth is relentless, and only when we really understand the enemy’s tactics are we in a position to help others see that a world-view centered on things like critical theory is satanic in it’s origin. Far too many of my brothers and sisters in Christ hold a world-view that seems like kindness and tolerance but is little more than deception. Right is right even when nobody is right and wrong is wrong even when everybody is wrong. Critical theory rejects the notion of objective truth and is therefore in absolute opposition to God’s word.

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