Is Your Child’s Teacher A Member Of Antifa? Is Your Child Receiving Extra Credit For Attending Antifa Events?

The School Administration Did Not Notice The Antifa Banner Hanging In The Classroom?


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  1. He says that there are three other teachers in his school who agree with him.

    He posts pictures of the students along the political spectrum to shame them into moving toward Antifa.

    Your tax dollars pay his salary.

  2. Yet another reason to keep one’s child out of the disastrous public education system. Unfortunately, our tax dollars still flow to those schools whether we like it or not and we can’t do anything about it (that I’m aware of).

    • Paul – while I agree with you in principle, bear in mind that you’re in Indy and that school is in some of the worst of the worst in the nation, Sacramento, CA, where evidently such aberration in eduction is welcomed. Pay no attention to the fact that the school administration was “unaware” of his tactics – they were simply ignoring what he was doing.

      Also, and I’m sure this will get me into trouble (and may even get my response here deleted), all you have to do is take a look at his heavily tattooed arms to get a good idea about what he stands for. I’ve carefully watched the post-Boomer generations (as well as some of them as well, as far that goes) gradually adopt piercings, tattoos, spiky hair styles, etc. over the decades enough to see that they, in fact, represent a slow decline into barbarianism. Keep on your toes about the things to come next and Semper Fi.

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