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Obviously we all have an interest in Covid, the vaccine, and treatments. It is beyond difficult for most of us to sort through the welter of information, to determine what is genuine and what is propaganda. In light of those challenges the latest video from Project Veritas (language warning), which contains some interesting comments from employees (one on the science side and one on the business side) of one of the major pharmaceutical companies marketing a vaccine, is potentially illuminating.


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  1. Thank you! I have been attempting to sort though the morass of info and propaganda re the Covid “vaccine” and can’t help noting there are reputable PhDs, MDs, MD/PhDs weighing in on unreported VAERS incidents, tragic implications from Remdesivir and the “vaccine”

    I frequently feel like there are parallel universes…one with candor, truth and care…and one with systemic duplicity and coercion. And then I reflect on the fact that the whole “world” lies in the power of the evil one and he is a liar and a murderer from the beginning.

    Personally, I follow Americas Front Line Doctors, Project Veritas and a few other venues.

  2. My niece, who by way of grants because of her capabilities and having been offered schooling at many universities, is nearing her end of an MD/Phd in this field.

    She always explains things to expose the falsehoods presented. Her understanding of the history of this research is deep. First thing she asks is, “What is their bio?” etc., etc.

    I am pro vax. If you want it, get it. I am anti-tyranny. No government mandates. Period.

    • BTW: My niece has earned scholarships–not because sugar daddy big government, or participation trophies, but because she knows her studies and how to apply them. When you can take med courses overseas in Germany because learning German, “Was something fun to do” in addition to a full pre-med course load, that tells you something about her capabilities.

      My perspective is simple: If a person does not know what they are speaking about comprehensively, and dogmatically asserts something about it, they lie. Either they presented their knowledge falsely or if they were right, they did not know it to be true at the time they stated it.

    • Ron, not sure where you are going w. your statement.
      Neither do I think a MD/Phd necessary to understand that, just like the recent election, there are enough red flags on the virus and the “vaccines” to warrant skepticism/an audit. There are too many people with the requisite professional medical credentials disagreeing with the mainstream media/official govt. narrative. In short, the big tech/pharma/govt. shut down of discussion is tyrannical. So we agree there.

      But we’re in The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Chicken Little and the Emperor Has No Clothes territory, never mind Geo. Orwell, in that mRNA gene therapy is definitely not the same thing as the vaccines of the past.
      Much more that main reason for the demonization of the “unvaxxed” seems to be that the “vaccinated” have to be “protected” from them. This, all the while those who have had the virus and are naturally vaccinated are being totally ignored as the witch hunt ramps up. IOW the pro mRNA vaxxers are responsible for the inconsistencies in their own argument and the refusal to discuss any differences, not anybody else.

    • Bob, you are right about the MD/PhD statement. I mentioned that to present a perspective that is often not considered. Namely, that regardless of what info a person gathers, it must be scanned according to the general principles of the Moral Law of God in determining how much value it has. A good number of the “experts” often fail basic logic. Dr. Fauci is one of them. But that does not mean there is no validity by the opposite side. And what amazes me is that, like it or not, there are medical advances that have saved millions of lives. And most people don’t know the extent of the research that has been undertaken over the past decade. This virology research with the specific mRNA did not just arrive on the seen for this current vaccine. There must be a distinction made between legitimate research and the abuse of the systems that develope and market it. Notice I wrote, “abuse.” There are millions of people who have been able to be productive individuals only because of phenomenal medical advances–advances that started of with problems yet perfected over time.

      Once again, for truth to be told, phrases like “chicken little”, well, I will let George Orwell explain: “Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.” ( “Politics and the English Language” 1946, p26). He was writing about the the bad state of the English language and how to reverse it in 1946. It is worse now.

      For truth to be told, the one telling must have comprehensive understanding of what they claim to be true at whatever level they have that knowledge, because if not, they are not telling the truth. Unless of course they detail the extent of knowledge that they have about it and that they are short on this or that sphere of it. And if a person does dogmatically state something to be true, and it turns out to be true but they did not know it to be true at the time they stated it, then they are still a liar because they claimed something they did not know. (A read through Thornwell’s Discourses on Truth might be something to read if you have not already. Also, Dr. Fauci failed this test right from the start.)

      Regardless, I mentioned my niece simply to present an opp ed of the first post for consideration. Keep in mind, she, like many, has been through the government education system and then on to University. Sadly, students who attend these places are taught to mimic and not to do serious intellectual evaluation of the data presented according to the Moral Law of God and sound theology. But that does not deny the common benevolence of God in creation that he allows even the unregenerate to understand. Nevertheless, my niece does point out errors with data and questions that the authors who wrote the data have not answered.

      The world functions according to the world system, the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. This world system is in this world. Yet God’s universal eternal system is also in this world by His grace. They are ever at odds. And all conversations must maintain truth for the sake of truth itself. Not only because God hates liars, but because the truth must be sought that the glory of God be demonstrated.

      As Orwell wrote, the English language was bad in his time. It is worse now. The pros and cons of this current controversy over vaccines and viruses prove that to be the case. Both sides implement fallacious data simply by virtue of poor logic, faulty reasoning and a bad use of language in my estimation.

      In order to maintain Christian Liberty and Liberty of Conscience, I am always happy to agree to disagree as are you. And I thank you for your response very much.

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