In The Law-Court Of God The Christian Is Accounted Righteous Only On The Ground Of Christ’s Righteousness Imputed

In the law-court of God, then, the justification of man as sinner is the judgment of God whereby He pronounces righteous the person who is unholy and of himself a sinner subject to God’s wrath. He does so out of his own mere grace and mercy, for the sake of the perfect obedience and righteousness of Christ that was offered on our behalf and that is received by faith. That is, He pardons the sinner from sin and the curse, and imputes to him the righteousness of his Son and so awards to him life eternal, for the salvation of the believing person and the glory of the merciful and just God. Nearly every part of this definition is included by the apostle in Romans 3:24–26.

Jacobus Arnoldi Ditsius, (1599–1662) in Synopsis of a Purer Theology: Latin Text and English Translation, 2.307 (HT: Inwoo Lee)


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