Kim Riddlebarger On Orange County As A Burned Over District

The very fact that Robert H. Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral is now “Christ Cathedral”–home to Rome’s OC diocese–points to a degree of change which is absolutely unfathomable to those of us who lived through this tumultuous and exciting time. Robert Schuller–the great “possibility thinker”–didn’t consider the possibility of bankruptcy and losing his beloved Cathedral. For a time it looked like a smooth transition from father to son (Robert A. Schuller), and then suddenly, everything blew up. Now the Crystal Cathedral is “Christ Cathedral” and a Roman altar now stands obtrusively in the center of the Cathedral. Read more»

Kim Riddlebarger, “The OC — A New Burned Over District? Lessons to Be Learned,” The Riddleblog (February 5, 2021)


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