Ellen Page Still Exists

So that’s it, is it? Ellen Page is no more? She’s been disappeared? She’s been shoved down the memory hole, left to stalk that netherworld of people whose names must never be uttered out loud, like Bruce Jenner, Frank Maloney, Voldemort?Ellen Page, the actress most famous for starring in irritant quirkhouse movie Juno, has now declared that she is Elliot Page and that she’s a he. And, boom, just like that, Ellen’s gone. She’s being erased from film history. People are getting into trouble even for saying the word ‘Ellen’. ‘Who?’, woke identitarians ask, as if they’ve all gone mad.

We need to talk about this. Specifically we need to talk about Ellen Page. We need to talk about the fact that this woman – yes, woman – existed in public life and in the celluloid imagination for many years, and that can’t just be scrubbed from the record, Soviet-style. Yesterday, Ellen issued a statement saying she is now Elliot and her pronouns are he and they. That’s just bad grammar. Swiftly, slavishly even, the establishment media and the film world rushed to erase Ellen, the movie star of a decade’s standing. It’s like she never existed. From IMDb to Wikipedia, it’s all Elliot. ‘Elliot Page is a Canadian actor’, Wikipedia tells us. Where’s Ellen gone?

With eye-swivelling speed, Ellen was erased. IMDb now tells us that the lead star of Juno (2007) was Elliot Page (though in parenthesis it says, rather riskily, ‘as Ellen Page’). Juno was ‘their breakout role’, it says. But it wasn’t ‘their’ breakout role. It was Ellen Page’s. We all saw the movie. It was about a teenage girl who got pregnant. Elliot Page didn’t play that teenage girl any more than Caitlyn Jenner won gold in the decathlon at the 1976 Olympics. It was Ellen, and the gold-medal winner was Bruce. Although if you ask Google ‘Who won gold in the decathlon at Montreal in 1976?’, it says: ‘Caitlyn Jenner.’ Which is a lie. They’re lying about the past now. Read more»

Brendan O’ Neill “We Need to Talk About Ellen Page: I’m Sorry But a Woman Cannot Just Click Her Fingers and Become A ‘He.'” Spiked December 2, 2020.


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  1. Yep. The Ministry of Truth is right on top of it, rewriting history. Speaking of which, here’s an excerpt from a footnote in Truman’s latest book underscoring similar lines of confusion:

    “… When my partner began his gender transition my lesbian identity had been central to my life and my sense of self for well over a decade, and I didn’t know what his transition made me. Some people told me I was “obviously” still a lesbian, but it was just as obvious to others that I was now straight, or bisexual. It wasn’t obvious to me at all, and I struggled with it for a long time. Now I’ve been the partner of a trans man for as long as I was a lesbian, and I’ve gotten comfortable just not having a name for what I think I am. I think of myself as part of the family of queers and trans people…” *

    The age of obfuscation has just begun.

    * from “The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self,” Carl R. Trueman, 2020, pp. 364-365, quoting Health Book Collective, “Our Bodies, Ourselves,” p. 85

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