New Resource Page On The Belgic Confession

The Belgic Confession is one of the jewels of the Reformed Reformation. Largely derived from the French Confession (1559), the Belgic, nevertheless, has an identity of its own. Based on a series of sermons and drafted by Guy de Brès (1522–67), who was martyred for the gospel in Antwerp by the Spanish, the Belgic has a homiletic character that the French Confession does not. It is pastoral. It is passionate and it has its own history among the Dutch and Belgic Churches since its adoption in 1566. It was given its final form at the Great Synod of Dort in 1619, although the Latin translation commissioned by Synod was not completed until later. We are blessed to have good translations and a fine modern commentary by Danny Hyde. The Belgic will repay attention to it. It would make a fine devotional guide for any Christian pilgrim.

The resources compiled for the HB resource page were occasional essays and reflections that have grown out of my interaction with the confession as part of a course on the Three Forms of Unity, which I have taught since the Spring of 1998.

Resources on the Belgic Confession

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