Calvin: God Gives Us Ministers So As Not To Swallow Us By His Majesty

We have seen heretofore, that Eliu intending to rebuke Job, protested that he himself was a mortal man as Job was, to the end he should not complain that he was handled with too high a power. And so he showed that God’s will was to win him by reason and gentleness, according also as he deals towards us. For he bears with us, making his word to be preached to us by men like ourselves, so as we may come the more familiarly to hear things that he tells us, and the doctrine is chewed and put into our mouths. We see then that God pities us, when he appoints men to be the ministers of his word, and to teach us in his name and authority. For he knows our ability, and that as much as we are feeble, we should out of hand be swallowed up by his majesty, and overwhelmed with his glory. And that is the cause why he stoops down to our lowness, in instructing us by the means of men.

—John Calvin, Sermons on Job, trans. Arthur Golding (London, 1574), The 147th Sermon in Job, the 1st upon chapter 38. Spelling and vocabulary lightly modernized.

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