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van asselt introduction reformed scholasticismWhen, in 1994, Carl Trueman kindly invited me to co-edit Protestant Scholasticism: Essays in Reassessment there was no such modern introduction to what had long been a forgotten or misrepresented period of Protestant theology. Since the publication of PSER (1998), there have been some of helpful introductory books but none more helpful, none clearer, none better than the late Willem van Asselt’s, Introduction to Reformed Scholasticism. Sadly for us, Professor van Asselt (1946–2014) died recently but his literary legacy will continue to benefit everyone who is interested in the development of Reformed theology in the 17th century generally and particularly in Johanne Cocceius (1603–69). I use this volume as a textbook for my Medieval and Reformation Church course, which takes us from the 7th century into the 17th century. Students report that they find it readable and engaging. If you’re interested the history of Reformed theology, if you want to know what Reformed academic (scholastic) theology was or if the history of Reformed theology was pre-Muller, pre-PSER, and pre-van Asselt, this volume is a wonderful way to start or update your studies. Advanced students and scholars will also benefit from this work.

Today and tomorrow Reformation Heritage Books is giving away iTunes and Kindle (.mobi) versions of the book. I just went through the process and it went smoothly. Highly recommended.

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  1. Thank you very much! What a wonderful gift.

    From login at RHB to order checkout to downloading epub on my PC to e-mail to my iPad to viewing the Table of Contents in iBooks: Less than 3 minutes.

  2. Many, many thanks! Very much appreciated, and the LORD bless you all for this kind gift.

  3. Would it be still possible to get this book for free?
    Márton from Budapest

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