Free: Cranfield On Romans And Other NT Essays (UPDATED)

On Romans - CranfieldI’m just getting beginning to use and getting to know Logos. They are offering a free copy of C. E. B. Cranfield’s On Romans And Other New Testament Essays. This is a valuable resource. Cranfield’s 1975 ICC commentary remains a standard reference on Romans For one thing, Cranfield did a better job than most of discussing the history of interpretation. Many Bible commentaries are written by technicians with little regard for the history of interpretation and then they proceed to offer older interpretations as if no one has ever has ever proposed them before.

I’m enthusiastic about Logos, which seems like a very powerful way to access, search, and synthesize texts. It’s a big system and I’ve a lot to learn but they’ve been very gracious and patient with me. This is an excellent resource. More to come.

Go to the page. Give them your email address and they will send you a link. Once you’ve downloaded the volume it appears in your library. I typed in Cranfield and up it came. The 1991 essay, “The Works of the Law in Romans,” reprinted in this collection of essays, written in response to J. D. G. Dunn, is quite stimulating and helpful. It’s quite relevant to the current discussion about “doers” and “hearers” of the law in Romans 2:13 too.

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  1. FYI once you follow the emailed link, Logos requires a credit card # and exp. date for this free download.

  2. Logos is excellent! I’ve been using it since my time in graduate school. I love that you can do original language work as well as have access to reference and other books. That sets it apart from Bible Works in my mind.

    One thing that don’t tell you is that you can purchase the engine and then buy books you want a la cart. They discourage this and try to drive you towards packages which end up giving you lots of stuff you just don’t need.

    I bought the original languages library (which I don’t know that they offer any more) and then added other key reference works like the IVP Reference Collection, BDAG, HLOT, and International Standard Bible Encyclopedia. If you do it this way you get the really good stuff you need without a lot of other extraneous stuff.

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