New Article: Law And Gospel In Early Reformed Orthodoxy

muller-church-and-schoolRichard Muller recently celebrated his 65th birthday to mark that occasion and as part the 20th anniversary of the PhD program at Calvin Seminary, he was presented with a Festschrift (celebration book) in his honor. Jordan Ballor has the details on Opuscula Selecta. The volume is Jordan J. Ballor, David S. Sytsma and Jason Zuidema editors, Church and School in Early Modern Protestantism: Studies in Honor of Richard A. Muller on the Maturation of a Theological Tradition (Leiden: Brill, 2013). The table of contents is online. My contribution is “Law and Gospel in Early Reformed Orthodoxy: Hermeneutical Conservatism in Olevianus’ Commentary on Romans.” This is an academic volume intended for libraries. That means it’s expensive. Congratulations to Richard! It was an honor to participate and a small way to recognize the ways in which I and many others have learned from him.

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  1. Yes, when I first noticed it was published by Brill, I thought, “Well, that’ll cost about $9,000!” Actually, it’s $259, which is still far above my pay grade. Since I’ll never see a table bulging with copies at my local Barnes & Noble, I guess I’ll to wait until some discerning library (ahem!) acquires a copy or two.

  2. Dr. Clark,

    I was able to get this book through Inter-Library Loan. It was easy with a few clicks (and getting my fees back to zero). It was sent with no charge to me.

    Your entry is excellent – thank you for your work in Law/Gospel as it really is not a “Lutheran thing…” Dr. Godfrey’s chapter on Dordt’s Perspective on Covenant and Election is a particularly helpful entry for those (like us) that have lost infant children. Very scholarly and pastoral.


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