Monuments Of Idolatry

There was also presented to the Assembly, a new Paraphrase of the Psalms in English meter, which was well liked of and commended by some of the members of the Assembly; But because we conceived that the Psalm Book in all the three Kingdoms was a point of Uniformity much to be desired, we took the boldness (although we had no such express and particular commission) to oppose the present allowing thereof, till the Kirk of Scotland should be acquainted with it; and therefore have we now sent an essay thereof in some Psalms.

…As we cannot but admire the good hand of God in the great things done here already, particularly; That the covenant (the foundation of the whole work) is taken, prelacy and the whole train thereof, is extirpated. The service book in many places is forsaken, plain and powerful preaching set up; as are most zealous of the belt of the Reformation; altars removed; the communion in some places given at the table with sitting; the great organs at Paul’s and Peter’s in Westminster taken down; images and many other monuments of idolatry defaced and abolished [spelling updated].

John Maitland, Alex Henderson, Samuel Rutherford, Robert Baillie, George Gillespie | “Letter from the Commissioners at London the General Assembly,” Worcester house, London, May 20, 1644. pp. 227–28 (HT: Chris Coldwell).


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