Beza On The Sabbath

We say that it is a superstition to esteem one day more holy than another, or to think that to abstain from labor is something which, in itself, pleases God (Rom 14:15, 6; Col 2:16,17). But, following what the Lord has commanded, we sanctify one of the seven days (Gen 2:3). We devote it entirely to ecclesiastical assemblies to hear the Word of God; yet, as we have said, there is with us no Judaistic ceremony or stupid superstition. This is why we have not chosen the Jewish Sabbath, Saturday, but Sunday, following the the custom of the early Church (1 Cor 16:2; Acts 20:7; Rev 1:10).

Theodore Beza The Christian Faith (1558), trans., James Clark (East Sussex: Christian focus Ministries Trust, 1992), 107–08.


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