Kass: Children Are Not Merely A Product Of The Will

Consider abortion. After years of calling for abortions that are “safe, legal and rare,” the Democratic Party in its 2012 platform dropped such language altogether in an attempt to appeal to its feminist base. But viewing childbearing solely as a matter of personal reproductive choice, Dr. Kass says, “means we no longer see a child as a gift but as a product of our will to be had by choice only. That makes human choice the basis of all value”—at the price of the child, for “he or she comes from the hands of nature.”

Leon Kass on the Meaning of the Gosnell Trial (HT: Aquila Report)


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  1. Reducing the abortion issue to human choice also attacks the intrinsic value of not just the unborn, but of all people. For each child is not just a gift, it is made in the image of God.

  2. “Product of our will?”

    IOW what the abortionist says about physical birth/life, is what arminianism says about the spiritual birth/life? It’s merely a question of our free will?
    Oh happy day.
    So much for some of the pro life Christian witness.
    It might be weighed in the balance and found wanting, if abortion is a symptom and not the root problem of the abortionist.

    Neither as per Rom. 1, should one be surprised to hear those who are pro choice, freely/spontaneously admit that abortion takes the life of a child. At least we weren’t after the first time, and it wasn’t yesterday, although “safe, legal and rare” has more and more lost a lot of plausibility these days.

  3. Imma just toss Jn 1:13 into the ring here, as a biblical endorsement that, at least in some sense, children are a product of the will.

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