True Philosophy Contains Truth As A Ray Of The Wisdom Of God

Reduced to a system by wise and earnest men

True philosophy, although it also differs very much from the doctrine of the church, yet, it does not array itself against it nor is it a wicked fabrication and device of Satan, as is true of the false doctrines of the sects, but it contains truth and is, as it were, a certain ray of the wisdom of God, impressed upon the mind of man in his creation. It is a doctrine that has respect to God and his creatures and many other things that are good and profitable to mankind and has been drawn out from the light of nature and from principles, in themselves clear and evident, and reduced to a system by wise and earnest men. It follows, therefore, that it is not only lawful but also profitable for Christians to devote themselves to the study of philosophy.

Zacharias Ursinus, Corpus Doctrinae, Prolegomena III.4


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