Francis Turretin On Natural Law

XV. …it is even most absurd that the rational creature as rational should not be subject to him [God] in the genus of morals and not be governed by him suitably to his nature (i.e., by moral means) by the establishment of a law. Hence it follows either that man ought to have been created independent by God (which is absurd) or that he has a natural law impressed upon him, in accordance with which he may be ruled by him.

Institutes of Elenctic Theology | 11th Topic, 1st Question (HT: Presbyterian Blues)


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  1. Although Natural Law may exist in the heart of man, many tyrants have suppressed it or have justified their views when contrary to it. Natural law is an insufficient means to have a just civil authority and I don’t see how one can justify a magistrates actions when contrary to God’s law. How do you reconcile this?

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