The Nine Points Stand!

Thanks to our  reporter at synod in London, Ontario we learn that the Nine Points of Pastoral Advice, adopted by Synod 2007, will remain in force. The appeal brought by the consistory of Hills URCNA (on procedural grounds) was rejected. Synod 2007 acted properly in adopting the Nine Points as a response to the self-described FV movement.

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  1. Awesome.

    So –if it’s ok to ask in comments on this post– what is the status of the reports from the committee on Level of Doctrinal Commitment ? I couldn’t tell whether one or the other “position” was received or approved or anything.

    • The Level of Doctrinal Commitment committee will be presenting sometime today still (presumably). The minority was preparing its report this morning and the minority report was distributed, but the item has not come up yet for business in plenary session. Hope that helps.

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