See You in Traverse City

I’ll be (Dv) in beautiful (predicted high of 73°) Traverse City, MI this Friday and Saturday (Sep 18-19, 2009) speaking to the Great Lakes Presbytery (PCA) on Friday and Saturday.  I’ll be talking about “The Mission and the Marks” and “The Joy of Being Confessional.” Friday evening I’ll be preaching from 1 Cor 1:18-21. These sessions are open to all. Saturday morning, Dv, I’ll be having breakfast with the Presbyters and their families.

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  1. I hope that my friend Brett will make it to that conference/meeting. He and I went to Reformed Bible College (now Kuyper College) together back in ~1997. He was one of the people initially who told me about Reformed theology, back when I thought theology was for bitter cantankerous types. That was back when Dr. Lyle Bierma still taught there.

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