The Second Commandment Is God’s Word

In recent decades, there has been a renewed appreciation for and embrace of a “Calvinistic” (i.e. Biblical) soteriology in which God is recognized as sovereign in all the affairs of men and even in salvation. Dr. T. David Gordon suggests this phenomenon is due at least in part to the success of Calvinistic ministries on college campuses that faithfully proclaim the gospel and lead people to faith in Christ. This is cause for great thanksgiving!

The trouble is, many who come to this saving knowledge of Christ are not disciplined into the comprehensive Reformed/Biblical world and life view, and instead adopt spiritual and pietistic practices foreign to the Reformed Faith and historic Protestantism. While many have come to a Reformed and Biblical view of salvation, they nonetheless persist in having what T. David Gordon describes as a “false religion viewpoint” to which they have simply attached a Reformed soteriology.

On this episode Gordon warns us, “the essence of all true religion is God has us on His terms, and the essence of all false religion is we attempt to have God on our terms.” Gordon goes on to argue a right understanding of the distinction between the Creator and the creature is far more fundamental and crucial than simply adopting a Reformed soteriology.

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Ryan Biese | “Loving the Second Commandment” | December 27th, 2023


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