Bob Godfrey On Being Reformed In America (Part 2)


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  1. Dr. Godfrey and Chris Gordon,
    “What does it mean to be Reformed” raises many questions that address how I live in a Reformed congregation and among people opposed to Christianity. Though the issues are very complex, the answer of confessing Christ as the only Lord and Savior is a controversial cross.

    It would be helpful to hear how the term ‘Reformed’ is defined by URCNA, by OPC, by PCA. And to distinguish the basis of their ‘Reformed’ definition.

    Is the term ‘Reformed’ defined and dependent on Calvinism? Which seems flat and rigid

    Does the term ‘Reformed’ include the distinctions of confessional, doctrinal, covenantal, systematic, historical, theological, Trinitarian?

    Have many theologians contributed to an understanding of being “Reformed”?


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