Video: Trueman Explains How We Got Here


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  1. Brilliant overview and perspective.

    The trend toward establishing a power dynamic, facilitating a ground game and manufacturing consent is apparent.

    Obviously, we are all true believers. We believe in something; even a claim to not confirms this (we believe in unbelief and what that may entail). The motives that compel us are also a factor. But a good-faith discussion like this is one is priceless. Especially how a technocratic minority are leaving the rest of civilization behind. There is not enough consensus established for this to work (maybe even by design – an ultimate breaking down of society), but the real-life incentives will continue to be elevated for our place in society to be realized (at least in the short-term). Being left behind might not be such a bad thing. But for how long we will be left alone is in God’s hands. Unfortunately, like Trueman affirms, true religion no longer has a place at the table (or more precisely, in the public square).

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