Video: Should Christians Resist The Culture By Force?


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  1. Historically, has there been any Reformed Protestants groups that have resist or opposed the culture by force?

  2. Yes, in 1644 as the English Civil War spilled over the border into Scotland our Fathers were called out in support of the Crown. The Reformation had come to the Dùthaich mhic Aoidh (Land of Mackay) in the 1560s, so this set up the interesting situation where Reformed Christians were supporting the Stuart Kings, who were Episcopalian with Roman Catholic leanings. Why? Because the Stuart kings supported our right to our culture and worship. According to the Puritans and the English Speakers of the Kirk, all Scottish Gaels were “Irish” and alternately “Papist and Pagan”. In 1655 Puritan General Monck landed his army near Tongue, the seat of our homeland, and burned every building they could reach. The first two being the chief’s house, symbol of civil authority, and the second the Presbyterian Church, symbol of our religious authority. According to Monck that was not a true Christian Church because worship was conducted in an utterly barbarous unintelligible language. Men of my name and blood have been called out numerous times in history in defense of our culture and worship.

  3. Dr Great video! You know what i love about the blog? Its that u can read a blog post. Learn about great things and then go to the comments and learn even more. Feels like im going WSC online! Joking. Thanks again Dr for the Blog. My buddies and I from Mass always talk about whats going on the Heidelblog. Amped for the new commentary your writing


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