Behind The Scenes Of Your Local Public School

We are being manipulated and intimidated by a divisive “woke” ideology that is creating a culture of contempt and disrespect.

SMSD is fostering a toxic environment and requiring employees to attend Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) training and workshops centered around Critical Race Theory, including Black Lives Matter in the Classroom and Social Justice in the Classroom (using teachers’ “white privilege,” “white supremacy” and “de-colonizing our classrooms” propaganda).

There is repeated white shaming and a preoccupation with white people as the “oppressor,” including staff field trips with a focus on “systemic racism.” The white saviorism and virtue-signaling at DEI meetings is so condescending that many minorities and other staff members have stopped attending.

Our district is no longer academically focused. We are doing our students a disservice by allowing a biased curriculum to take over.

If parents knew what goes on in our schools, the majority would be appalled.

At a staff meeting this month, we were told we should refer to students by their preferred names and pronouns during the school day, but hide from the parents the fact that their minor children are transitioning at school. The district conceals the transgender policies from the public and will not release the DEI presentations we are compelled to watch.

Teachers who are simply doing their jobs are blindsided by false allegations of racism. Simple classroom management practices that were encouraged last year are grounds for accusations of discrimination this year. The students run the school and know there will likely be little accountability for their actions, while teachers are accused of discrimination, then written up for a policy that does not exist.

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Caedran Sullivan | “Kansas Public School Teacher: Yes, Your Children Are Being Indoctrinated” | April 21st, 2023


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