A Catechism on Human Sexuality

The Western church presently lives in a time of much sexual confusion. Rev. Christopher Gordon has produced a helpful tool to assist Christians in becoming well-grounded in the biblical teaching on human sexuality. The New Reformation Catechism on Human Sexuality uses the time-tested method of catechesis to teach essential truths from God’s Word regarding sexual issues. The editors of Tabletalk interviewed Rev. Gordon shortly after the catechism was produced, as we believe it is a good tool for Christians to use as they endeavor to obey God’s Word.
As a pastor, I was experiencing firsthand how the sexual revolution was affecting parents in the shepherding of their children. I took for granted that the most basic truths of creation and how God made us as male and female were understood, and I was alarmed at how these things were now being challenged in the Christian community.

Imagine a parent who has a young girl who comes home one day and expresses that though she was born as a female, she is convinced that her gender is male. This scenario is possible due to cultural peer pressure and social media influences that have mainstreamed the idea that someone’s inner desire to be the opposite sex is sovereign over their God-assigned biological sex. It doesn’t help that some Christian counselors are willing to recognize this distinction and, after a series of psychological tests, encourage gender reassignment therapy. These are the scenarios I was facing as a pastor.

Further, covenantal children now face living in a world where homosexuality is normalized and celebrated. Sadly, it is not uncommon, even for those who attend Christian schools, to see on a daily basis their classmates pursuing relationships with those of the same sex. Our Christian institutions seem to be governed by fear on these issues due to the societal consequences of exposure, and the biblical standard of holy sexuality is often marginalized in embarrassment because it feels so radically outside the new cultural norm.

Since Christians are not talking enough about God’s holy demands in the arena of human sexuality, our children are left with the impression that we have no right to make any judgments on these issues. They are confused as to why sexual preference really matters if, as it is assumed, the pursuance of happiness in sexuality is a personal matter and does not harm anyone else.

I wrote the catechism because Christians, especially parents, need clear, concise, biblical help on the core issues regarding human sexuality, that the next generation may be instructed well in God’s good, creational sexual ethic.

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Chris Gordon | “A Catechism on Human Sexuality” | April 26th, 2023


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