The Canons Of Dork #16 For May 6, 2023

(HT: Sam Pepke)


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About Sarah Perkins

Sarah Perkins (MSc Business and Management, University of Essex; BA Art, University of Montevallo) is a pastor’s wife, married to Harrison, and artist based out of Michigan. She recently changed from full-time work in education management to being a full-time mom to their son Scott. She is the artist behind Illustrated Theology, also doing all the art for The New Geneva, and enjoys reading, travelling, and remembering and reciting useless trivia.


  1. Dr. Clark, I want to thank you for this! It’s a very long story which I will not tell here, but this cartoon kind of sent me down the rabbit hole regarding the Romanist dogma of donum superadditum, which has helped me to identify it properly. This is relevant to some apologetics endeavors in which I am involved, and now I am more prepared for the next engagement on this topic! Thank you again, sir!


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