OPC Response To Kentucky Flooding

Volunteers have come from all over the country. They have worked at the church building to remove ceiling tiles, as well as much of the drywall and trim. The doors have been sandbagged to keep potential future floods at bay. The two air conditioning units at the church, after being submerged, were inspected, and will need to be replaced. Commercial dehumidifiers are running continuously, drawing the unwanted water out of the wooden and cement structures. Moisture levels are monitored daily to indicate when the rebuild may begin. Neon Reformed elder, Seth Long shared with the city of Neon the offer of OPC Disaster Response to muck out the library, which shares a common wall with the church. The city gladly accepted the help of our volunteers, and within a few days, the library was mucked out.

Teams have also worked to muck out, clean and sanitize an addiction recovery building across the street, muck out the home of a friend of the church, as well as another building close-by. Praise the Lord that none of the members of Neon Reformed were affected, but many residents need help, and have no means of getting it. Much of the work that’s been accomplished would not have been possible without the PCA’s MNA Disaster Response equipment. We have been blessed by the use of their standup Bobcat and Mud-Out Flood Mitigation Trailer. We are thankful for the relationship that we continue to share with this sister denomination…

To date, nearly fifty volunteers from OPC and sister churches in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, Delaware, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina have jumped in to help in the effort to restore worship in Neon and to serve the neighbors in Neon… Truly the body of Christ is at work!

…Much has been accomplished, but there is still so much more to do. As the effort shifts from clean-up to rebuild, we are especially looking for those skilled volunteers who are able to complete the carpentry, flooring, painting and other work. If you, or someone in your congregation could help, please have them contact Jane Robinson at KentuckyVolunteers@opc.org. If you would like to donate toward this effort, please visit Give.opc.org. If you would like to find out more about replacing Pastor Bennett’s books, please contact Enrique at BookDonations@opc.org. Thank you for your continued prayers for those suffering in Eastern Kentucky. Read More»
Trish Duggan | “Climbing Out of the Mud in Neon” | accessed August 27, 2022


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