Blessed Through Israel: God’s Promise Of Free Grace

Acts 15, and Luke’s account of the Jerusalem Council reminds us that the apostolic church placed its confidence for all of its life and missionary endeavors clearly in the gospel of free grace and justification sola fide. Paul’s gospel was revealed to him by Jesus. As evident in Acts 15, it is the church’s gospel. Let us do as the first church did, place our confidence in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who comes to us through his word and confirmed in his sacraments. This same Jesus was preached by Paul, James, and Peter, and still feeds us with the manna from heaven–his own body and blood. Through faith in Jesus, we who are many become one. Our sins are forgiven. We are accounted righteous before God because Christ’s righteousness is now ours, through faith in the same Jesus who was preached by Paul, Peter, James, and affirmed by all the elders at the Jerusalem Council.

God’s promise to bless the nations through Israel is a reality, and the countless Christians living today are the proof. Read More»
Kim Riddelbarger | “Three Takeaways From The Jerusalem Council (Acts 15)” | June 3, 2022


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