J. C. Ryle With A Message To The Twenty-first Century Church

Of course, we are all apt to exaggerate the importance of our own times. But I venture to think that the present position of the Church… is more critical and perilous than it has been at any period during the last two centuries. On every side the horizon is dark and lowering. There seems to be breakers ahead and breakers astern, dangers on the right hand and dangers on left, dangers from within and dangers from without. Whether the good old ship will weather the storm remains to be seen. Read more»

J. C. Ryle | No Uncertain Sound, 19 | Gospel Reformation | September 2, 2021


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  1. I appreciate what Rev. Ryle is saying and truly I believe that we HAVE lost our reverence and appreciation of the glory of God. I don’t doubt that for an instant.

    However, I also believe there are believers all over the world, some huddled in dark, dank basements with others gathered in cinder block huts, who are worshipping the Almighty and who honor and reverence God despite their humble surroundings.

    Granted, maybe I have missed Rev. Ryle’s point, but I tend to approach talk about buildings with some degree of skepticism and concern about misplaced priorities. That is why I must pause and consider that maybe the love (or lack thereof) we have for the glory of God has a lot less to do with a building’s trappings than it does with our own hearts.

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