Titus 2:3–4 Advice From A Mature Christian Woman To Younger Christian Women (And Men) About “Sexual Chemistry”

Extramarital affairs can start because of sexual chemistry—and Christians should never underestimate the power of this kind of chemistry. We hear stories of pastors having affairs, and we wonder how that could happen. Of course he knew better—he is a pastor! What a hypocrite! Well, most of the time, it’s likely that sexual chemistry ignited the fuse.

It is helpful to recognize the role hormones play when it comes to the feelings of sexual attraction humans experience….

To be clear, this kind of chemistry is not a deep, abiding feeling of friendship for someone of the opposite sex. According to psychologist Dario Nardi in his article “PEA—The Hormone of Love,” the hormones involved in feelings of sexual attraction result in infatuation and produce sensations that include giddiness, “butterflies” in the stomach, sleeplessness, and a narrow focus on a particular person.

“Chemistry” can ignite suddenly and unexpectedly. What was once a nice friendship can become sexually charged in an instant.

Sexual chemistry can be even more powerful when the illicit relationship has appealing aspects that are missing in your marriage, because you may be starved for them and not even realize it. Yet, as Nardi explains, the effects of hormones such as phenylethylamine (PEA), norepinephrine, and dopamine don’t last forever Read more»

Le Ann Trees “It’s Chemistry! Practical Advice for Protecting Your Marriage from an Affair” | Beautiful Christian Life | Aug 6, 2021


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  1. I find this female author’s analysis realistic. However, we have feminist Christian authors who have decried the “Billy Graham Rule” as something from the age of Neanderthals. If you minimize the danger of fire, a lot of people get burned.

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