Today Only: On Being Reformed Is Discounted 40%

Palgrave MacMillan’s strategy of pricing slender (but significant) hardbound volumes ridiculously high and then discounting them occasionally to more reasonable prices continues.
Today (13 July, 2021) On Being Reformed is 40% off ($41.99). The coupon code today is: PAL40EP. Tomorrow (14 July, 2021) the code will be PAL30EP. On 15 July the code is PAL20EP. The discount drops to $30 tomorrow and 20% on Thursday.


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  1. This is expensive and I was concerned when I received my copy that I had wasted money based on the size of the book.
    Having read it, I believe my money was well spent and I learned a lot. This is well worth rereading and I strongly recommend it to others.

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