What The LGBTQ Rainbow Signals

The rainbow was popularized as an official symbol of the gay community in the early 1970s. Consider the two authoritative constructions of the rainbow from the LGBTQ community:

1. The first flag had eight colors, consider the number and meaning:

2. The accepted designation for each color of the rainbow is believed to have originated when a San Francisco artist, Gilbert Baker designed the gay pride flag as having six stripes, each one having its own meaning: red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for art, and violet for the human spirit.

…It is remarkable to note the number chosen in each case, the first rainbow had eight colors, the official rainbow has six. This is not a mere coincidence. Satan has offered us, again, a counterfeit way and a counterfeit sign that promises a way of happiness apart from God. Read more»

Chris Gordon, “Should Christian Redeem the Rainbow?” Abounding Grace Radio (Apr 30, 2021)


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  1. They paint the six colour rainbow on to the tarmac of street crossings for everyone to tread underfoot or crush under wheel. What this signals must be pretty obvious; it wasn’t OUR idea; but who are we to argue?

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