On Being Reformed (E-Book) Now $14.99 Until May 11, 2020

This slender volume features essays, one written jointly by Crawford Gribben and Chris Caughey, one by Matthew Bingham, one by D. G. Hart, and one by yours truly. It is ordinarily very expensive even as an e-book but the publisher discounts the price occasionally and this is one of those times. If you missed it before, this is your opportunity to get the book at a reasonable price. The chapters are: Chris Caughey and Crawford Gribben, “History, Identity Politics, and the “Recovery of the Reformed Confession;”Matthew Bingham, “Reformed Baptist”: Anachronistic Oxymoron or Useful Signpost?; D. G. Hart, “Baptists Are Different;” and R. Scott Clark, “A House of Cards? A Response to Bingham, Gribben, and Caughey.”

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  1. I clicked on the link, and even called. This book is not on a discount, according to the representative from the site.
    Is there another link

    Angela Miller

  2. I’ve just purchased it, downloaded it, and am reading it – and enjoying it immensely! The content will serve me greatly in debates with which I am currently engaged over the term “Reformed Baptist.” Thanks for the “blue light special” announcement!

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