Owen Contra Romanist Corruptions Of Reformed Worship And Theology

Now, such were the innovations of the late hierarchists. In worship, their paintings, crossings, crucifixes, bowings, cringings, altars, tapers, wafers, organs, anthems, litany, rails, images, copes, vestments,—what were they but Roman varnish, an Italian dress for our devotion, to draw on conformity with that enemy of the Lord Jesus? In doctrine, the divinity of Episcopacy, auricular confession, free-will, predestination on faith, yea, works foreseen, “limbus patrum,” justification by works, falling from grace, authority of a church, which none knew what it was, canonical obedience, holiness of churches, and the like innumerable,—what were they but helps to Sancta Clara, to make all our articles of religion speak good Roman Catholic? How did their old father of Rome refresh his spirit, to see such chariots as those provided to bring England again unto him! This closing with Popery was the sting in the errors of those days, which cause pining, if not death, in the episcopal pot.

John Owen, Works of John Owen, 8:28.

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  1. Sigh. Back when I signed on to the Reformed movement, it seemed everyone wanted to be more Baptist, Pentacostal, or Brethren. Now, it seems they want to ape the Vatican or the Faner, or the worst that Anglicanism has to offer (which, as someone once said, is a “counterfeit Riviera [Rome]”).

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