Office Hours: Recovering A Lost Spirituality With Charles Telfer

Office Hours 2016 full sizeThere is a lot of vague talk about “spirituality” in the broader culture today and very little of it is genuinely Christian. Visit the “spirituality” section of Barnes and Noble and you will see I what I mean. There is another approach to spirituality in the Reformed traditiion. Its existence might surprise some, since  sometimes, when people talk about Reformed theology they talk about it as though it is all head with no heart. Well, that is simply untrue. In our tradition, the life of the mind is valued but so is the life of the heart.  One of our theologians of the heart is fellow about whom you have heard a little on Office Hours,  Campegius Vitringa (1659–1722).He died when Jonathan Edwards was 19 years old. The American revolution was 54 years away. Charles Telfer is Professor of Biblical Languages at Westminster Seminary California, where he has taught since 2011. He is author of Wrestling with Isaiah: The Exegetical Methodology of Campegius Vitringa, on which we did an earlier episode of Office Hours. His most recent book is the first-ever English translation of Campegius Vitringa’s book, The Spiritual Life. It features a foreword by Richard Muller and it is the topic of our latest episode of Office Hours.

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