Resources On The Social Gospel And Social Justice


  1. With Janet Mefford On the Social Gospel
  2. With Chris Gordon On Christianity and Liberalism
  3. On The Gospel And Social Justice With Chris Gordon (part 1)
  4. On the Gospel and Social Justice (part 2)


  1. The Gospel Is Not Social: Between Monasticism And Transformation
  2. The Legal-Eschatological Religion And Racism
  3. Concerns About the Rhetoric, “X Is A Gospel Issue”
  4. Another Downside of Pietism: Christ’s Bodily Resurrection Is Marginalized
  5. Houston, We Have A Problem
  6. The Law Exposes Racism As Sin
  7. Racism And the Second Use Of The Law
  8. The Gospel Is The Remedy For Racism
  9. Contra Favoritism: James’ Response To Injustice In The Church As A Model For Our Response To Racism
  10. Christian, Why Do You Sing A Swedenborgian, Social-Gospel Hymn, Written By A Unitarian Minister?
  11. Rauschenbusch, The Lost Gospel, Outrage, And The Mob
  12. The Basileia Tou Theou As A Clue To The Social Program Of The Apostles
  13. It Is Back: The Social Gospel
  14. But Is It Biblical?
  15. The Addiction To Self-Righteousness
  16. “Gender Apartheid” and “Toxic Masculinity” in NAPARC (1)
  17. “Gender Apartheid” and “Toxic Masculinity” in NAPARC (2)
  18. Refugees And The Twofold Kingdom: Or Worrying About The Theonomy Of The Christian Left
  19. Of Calvin, Social Justice, and the Theology of the Cross
  20. Resources on Machen, Christianity, and Liberalism
  21. The USA Is Not Old Testament Israel
  22. Pilgrim Theology v Ethnic Theology
  23. Word of the Day: Anachronism
  24. Machen’s Letter to His Mother Or What To Do With Dead Sinners?
  25. On Samuel, Social Justice and the Prophetic Office of the Church
  26. The Late-Modern Oppression Olympics in Biblical Perspective
  27. Coronavirus, Civil Liberties, And Crisis
  28. Fear And Loathing At Pentecost
  29. McWhorter: White Fragility Is A Racist Tract
  30. What Is Really Going On? Watch This Video
  31. McWhorter On Cancel Culture
  32. Derryck Green: The New Antiracism Is A New Religion
  33. More Reasons To Leave The Public School (Or Antiracism Does Not Mean What You Might Think)
  34. Princeton Historian Rebukes 1619 Project: The Facts Still Matter
  35. Oxford Historian Carwardine: 1619 Project “Preposterous” And “Tendentious”
  36. Guelzo: “The 1619 Project Is Not History; It Is Ignorance“
  37. Stephens On The 1619 Project
  38. National Association Of Scholars: Revoke Pulitzer Prize For 1619 Project
  39. Critical Theory Seeks To Suppress Dissent In America
  40. Resources On Political Correctness And Free Speech
  41. Resources On The Nature/Grace And Sacred/Secular Distinctions
  42. Puritans, Slavery, and Criticizing Heroes
  43. Machen’s Letter To His Mother Or What To Do With Dead Sinners?
  44. VanDrunen: Reflections on Race and Racism

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