It's Back: The Social Gospel

No Rauschenbusch isn’t resurrected literally but Austin says that he’s being resurrected theologically and Brian McLaren is the new Rauschenbusch.

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  1. If we thought it went away perhaps it’s because it’s been hiding under cultural conservatism, feeding off of winks and nods. We need one of those “Do Not Feed” signs from the zoo.

  2. Dr. Clark’s comments re: Brian McLaren need to be repeated again and again and again . . . until the Gladden-Rauschenbusch-McLaren social gospel delusion stays buried.

    And I quote, “Brian McLaren is just an old fashioned liberal.”


  3. I just finished Hart’s Lost Soul of American Protestantism — a great book. “In sum, evangelical and mainline Protestants both believe that Christianity inevitably produces a Social Gospel that will produce a Christian social order.” So, no surprises with McLaren (or with Rick Warren for that matter).

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