Sinclair Ferguson: Baptism and the Assembly

Audio here. (HT: Michael)

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  1. If you find them Gil, let me know! I know that his book “A Defence of Infant Baptism” was published (in response to Tombes the Baptist.) As for the sermon he preached (that led Tombes to respond)–I’m not sure if it is around.

  2. Thanks Prof. Clark.

    Don Kistler at the PB shared this info.:

    No collected “works” of Stephen Marshall were ever published, to my knowledge. If you have access to a research library that subscribes to “Early English Books Online,” however, you can print out a copy of the sermon(s) that you want.

    Soli Deo Gloria does have a volume of sermons by Marshall planned for its “Puritan Pulpit” series, but that volume is probably 2-3 years away.

    Don Kistler

    So, for right now EEBO will due until SDG volume comes out.


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