The Bait And Switch Of Gay Monogamy

…Michaelson confesses: “there is some truth to the conservative claim that gay marriage is changing, not just expanding, marriage. According to a 2013 study, about half of gay marriages surveyed were not strictly monogamous. This fact is well-known in the gay community—indeed, we assume it’s more like three-quarters.”

—Stella Morabito, “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Vomitorium

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  1. Is this unique to the gay community? “Swinger” clubs and couples sex clubs and parties are alive and well in the heterosexual community these days as well. I’d venture to say it has more to do with the fact we’re living in a Godless culture overall than anything to do with any specific sexual orientation.

  2. ….and more than half of heterosexual marriages end in divorce too. I guess I think we need to be more concerned with proclaiming the gospel to the entire society than singling out any one group of people. It was the outcasts, the marginalized and the “sinners” that Jesus was most concerned about, after all.

    • Zac,

      It’s not a matter of singling out a group. Read the whole essay. The re-definition of marriage has tremendous social costs. Behind the redefinition of marriage from something grounded in nature to something wholly determined by the subjective (affections) is a rejection of the very idea that there is such a thing as nature. Once that idea is established there will be no basis to prohibit unions of any kind.

      That’s not fear-mongering or slippery slope thinking. As Stella shows and as I’ve shown here before if it’s in the news, i.e., if it’s happening right now, then it’s not a slippery slope fallacy. The truth is that we’ve been lied to about what the “Gay Rights” movement wants. Most of us haven’t watched Gay Rights parades closely but the truth is that NAMBLA has been marching with them for years. It’s not going to stop with ostensibly monogamous (which we know already are not monogamous) homosexual marriages. My favorite lesbian author, Camille Paglia exposed the lie of homosexual monogamy decades ago when she mocked the PCUSA for supporting homosexual marriage. Pedophilia, bestiality, polygamy—they are next. That’s not hysteria. Respectable academic groups, which shape opinion, have been arguing for the normalization of these practices. With the collapse of “nature” as a category, with the turn to a subjective, affective definition of marriage, the ground for opposing them has eroded.

      Yes, we ought to be gracious to everyone but that doesn’t mean that, as a society, we have to agree to or submit to everything that everyone wants. We have to live together. Our children attend school together. We’re not isolated from each other. There’s a social cost to redefining marriage. We need to face that reality.

      We live in a twofold kingdom, common and sacred. We have responsibilities in both spheres simultaneously.

  3. For more than 80 years America has been undergoing a stealthy worldview change. Thus the re-definition of marriage follows the re-definition of man as uncreated emergent product of evolutionary energies acting on matter over millions of years. This is why the Obama administration has become the world’s perverse-sex cop intervening in the workings of other nations where sodomy, lesbianism and worse are not promoted and tolerated. America’s tax-payer financed State Department and other federal agencies have not only strengthened the work already done in pursuit of this evil but have initiated additional efforts to crush dissent in defense and promotion of all things unnatural.(Obama offers plan for U.S. to be global LGBT sex cop, Bob Unruh, WND, 12/7, 2011)

    The gay-juggernaut, moral relativism, unfettered killing defined as ‘choice,’ pornography as a Constitutional right, apostasy, and other social evils have been unleashed within America and onto the world because in post-Christian America, scientism (spawn of positivism) and anti-creation evolutionary thinking have supplanted God’s Infallible Word.

    Anti-creation evolution is promoted by its practitioners as more than mere science. Evolution is promulgated as an ideology, a secular religion,

    “…a full-fledged alternative to Christianity, with meaning and morality. I am an ardent evolutionist and an ex-Christian, but I must admit that in this one complaint—and Mr [sic] Gish is but one of many to make it—the literalists are absolutely right. Evolution is a religion. This was true of evolution in the beginning, and it is true of evolution still today.… Evolution therefore came into being as a kind of secular ideology, an explicit substitute for Christianity.” Michael Ruse

    Michael Ruse was professor of philosophy and zoology at the University of Guelph, Canada. He was the leading anti-creationist philosopher whose flawed arguments convinced a biased judge to rule against the Arkansas ‘balanced treatment’ of creation and evolution in schools bill proposed in 1981. At the trial, he and other anti-creationists loftily dismissed the claim that evolution was an anti-god religion. (

    Scientism, evolutionary biology and evolutionary cosmogonies such as the Big Bang, a fraudulent metaphysical project, are taken for granted throughout the college curriculum, just as they are in all aspects of modern thought and experience, especially within the progressive liberal community. Evolution not only undergirds biological and earth sciences, but also Freudian and Jungian psychology, anthropology, law, sociology, politics, economics, the media, arts, medicine, and all other academic disciplines as well as occult New Age pantheist spirituality and ‘Christian’ theological permutations such as Teilhard de Chardin’s Hindu-pantheist New Religion, Michael Dowd’s God-less evolutionary ‘Christian’ paganism, and the progressive creationism popularized by astronomer Hugh Ross.

    Scientism and anti-creation evolutionism reject the Genesis account of creation together with the Fall and teach instead an inverted exegesis positing billions of years of evolutionary ascent of life from chemicals, man from lower creatures and an eternally expanding cosmos.

    This upside-down view leads to a philosophy of moral relativism because if men were once something else, a genderless blob of matter, and then later on lizards and even later still some kind of ape-like creature, then not only are men going to become something else (i.e., supermen, god-men, super robots) but nothing can be said about transgender, sodomy, bestiality, man-boy-love, and lesbianism since all life forms ascended from a genderless blob of matter generated by a Cosmic Egg which may or may not involve a man-shaped and controlled deity.

    With regard to soul, if life arose from chemicals and then billions of years later man evolved from lower life-forms, then his rational nature, his soul, differs not qualitatively but only quantitatively from the beasts. Like beasts, man is not a person but a creature of the earth. Like them he has no spirit—will, intellect, and conscience. He is an androgynous bio-machine or hominid whose brain is organized by the genome and the genome shaped by natural selection.

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