Available Now: Gillespie Against English Popish Ceremonies

EPCsinglesm“Gillespie’s famous book is a vitally important work in the history of the Scottish Reformation, but it is much more than simply that. It has abiding and profound value for all who are committed to knowing, applying, and following the Word of God on the proper worship of the church. With great insight and passion Gillespie pursues the freedom of the church from political interference and from ecclesiastical tyranny as well as the freedom of the individual Christian conscience from the burden of tradition. He rejoiced that the Church of Scotland had gotten ‘rid of such rotten relics, riven [torn] rags, and rotten remainders of Popery’ and feared that they were now returning by political fiat. He warned, ‘there is not a more deceitful and dangerous temptation than in yielding to the beginnings of evil.’ This spender edition makes Gillespie’s demanding work more accessible to the modern reader and encourages careful reading of this vastly rewarding study.”

—W. Robert Godfrey, President and Professor of Church History, Westminster Seminary California.

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  1. For those interested you will be pleased to know this is NOT a facsimile printing, but has been re-typeset (correct term?) and contains both subject and scripture indices.

  2. Thanks for the notice Dr. Clark. And Greg is correct. Yes, the first edition of 1637 and the text of the Works (poorly based on the 1660 which itself has errors) are online. This new NP edition is a critical text. All past editions were collated and the text annotated/corrected (even the 1637 has errors); there are subject, scripture and author indices, an errata index of all the errors in all the editions, and a complete bibliography. All Latin has been rechecked and re-translated (correcting the 1993 NP edition) and all the 200 authors and 300 works (over 1000 references) traced, corrected, and often annotated. So, sure, you can read the text online; but if you want to best understand it, study it, trace opponents and proponents cited, I think this edition will prove to be the more helpful in that endeavor.

    • Thanks for your outstanding work Chris. My copy arrived yesterday and it is, of course, another outstanding product. I’m grateful for your excellent work. I have an MA student who is planning to write on Ames’ Fresh Suit… and this will be a most valuable resource for him.

  3. Sorry to see my link deleted, nor did I expect the reaction.
    Ministry types like myself cannot afford such fine volumes, so I thought it would be helpful.
    Lesson learned.
    Apologies from me to offended sensibilities.

    • Ron,

      I debated about deleting your comment. I decided to delete it because it was counterproductive to the purpose of the post. Yes, I want people to read the work, and if that means reading an online version, so be it but Chris has taken a real risk, made a real investment to produce this volume and it seems unfair to allow people to undermine it here.

      You seem to assume that Chris’ publishing enterprise is a big business. It isn’t. It’s just Chris and he does great work putting out important books that are well done and affordable. The pre-publication price of this volume was something like $19.00 That wouldn’t break anyone’s bank.

  4. I took no offense; and I appreciate everyone has budget realities. Cognizant of the hard sell given older editions are online I have put all the more effort into this critical edition and offered a price prepub that was about as cheap as any volume of this kind can be offered at and not lose one’s shirt (jury is still out on that; but the work was too important to do given the anarchy in the public worship of God in our day; so I’ll happily take one for the team on that score).

  5. Yes, I am quite impressed with its quality– even more so after reading of the publisher’s meticulous care. Please keep us informed of future works!

  6. I purchased one of these the last time Chris put it out. In terms of the quality of the publication it may be my finest book. Especially liked the font and paper quality.

  7. Just got my copy delivered today. I saw this recommended on Lane’s (Green Baggins) a while back. This is indeed a tome! So many books, not enough time…

  8. Chris, this is wonderful work. You have done an incredible service to so many of us. A friend bought me a copy a couple of weeks ago and just gave it to me on his winter break yesterday. And I must say to anyone who has tried to read the online version or EEBO it, do yourself a mental favor and get the new NP edition. It is so accessible.

    Might I request a collected edition of the works of Alexander Henderson in the future?

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