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monergismdotcomThanks to Kim Riddlebarger, for the heads up. John Hendryx runs a great website, He’s a friend of the Heidelblog and has been very helpful about letting readers know what’s happening at the HB. He’s given a makeover. It’s an amazing collection of resources. Check it out.

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  1. I appreciate the heads up about monergism’s facelift…this website has been an indispensable resource in my journey out of a Vineyard church plant embracing NT Wright and the NPP.

  2. I download mp3s from Monergism almost daily. It’s a very invaluable resource and what Reformed guy doesn’t enjoy listening to Martin Lloyd-Jones and Sinclair Ferguson.

  3. Been using Monergism myself for many years, too. It has been a great resource, indeed. And it has gone through several revisions. But, being old and set in my ways, when confronted with a new version of something like this I usually look for the “site map” right away.

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