Trueman On The Rhetoric Of The 2K Debate

Many readers may disagree with my views on this matter. That is of little account. My point here is not to argue for the spirituality of the church so much as to highlight the problem of the rhetoric being used by some transformationalists. The simplistic bogey-man type polarity behind the kind of ‘if you’re not a transformationalist like us then you must be one of those 2k chaps’ strikes me as useful only for scoring cheap points and playing to the gallery. It strikes me as next to useless when it comes to understanding the nuanced and varied ways Presbyterianism has historically thought about the issues (compare, for example, Hodge and Chalmers) and, indeed, completely useless in understanding why people like myself can certainly acknowledge with gratitude the good Christians have done in the public sphere over the centuries while still rejecting the idea that the church as an institution is called to militate for such changes from her pulpits week by week and to see social transformation as part of her institutional mission.

Carl Trueman | “The Case Of The Missing Category


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