Let The Cool Kids Be Cool

…Since the Great Awakening, many American Protestants have allowed market forces to dictate how Christianity is presented to the watching world. That faith once delivered to the saints was repackaged for the Second Great Awakening, kicked up a notch for the great Revivals that followed the U.S. Civil War, found the radio waves and big-tents for the cultural Fundamentalists and, finally, came Evangelicalism with its managerial principles, organization, gurus and color TV.

Presbyterianism is not rooted in the revivalist tradition. We don’t think we need Tim Tebow, Duck Dynasty, pithy Jesus t-shirts, or guitars with lots of delay to “win people to Christ.”

…Let’s be Presbyterian and let the cool kids be cool. It will save on doctor bills after the skinny jeans and tight Affliction shirts take their toll on the body. And, besides, I hear there is a hair gel shortage and those bright lights are hard on the eyes. Read more»

Bobby Griffith | “You Can’t Beat The Market”


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  1. I thot being in a PCA church was great !
    Till we discovered the pastor was a Norman Shepherd cronie.
    went by pretty much the NS way. Would not tape sermons/or make sermon in print/or make himself accountable.

    Believed that Jesus work merited us nothing – It was Leviticus all the time in SS. ?odd
    It was works that got us right with God – elders were the same.
    Was denied communion because I slandered NS’ good(ha) name in church. Because I took a stand against what was coming forth there.

    Pastor eventually left the church – now teaches at a college or Sem – teaches his erroneous ways there at present.
    And the new pastor is as bad if not worse than he was.

    This PCA church is a NP/FV church – we have seen folk leave a solid RCUS church to go there instead-huh??? – what a bummer.

    I am so grateful for the RCUS church/s we attend and the solid WTSw pastor (Ryan) we have that preaches Law/Gospel-sacraments-church discipline!

    So its cool to be PCA in a solid right on one!

    SO it be cool to be RCUS !

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