From Taboo To Conformity

The conversation also reminded me of one of the supreme ironies of the contemporary politics of homosexuality. A movement originally built upon the idea of transgression, the breaking of taboos and the crossing of boundaries has become one of the most intolerant and conformist movements ever to emerge within liberal democratic societies. The current debate about marriage equality points to precisely this oddity.

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Carl Trueman | April, 2013


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  1. Breaking taboos can be an experiment in determining what is a tradition of man and what is a command of God or it can be finding a place where one can do what they want as equal to those who choose to submit to God. How well we can evangelize those who are seeking that place will partially depend on how fair we Christians are in recognizing the space they want. Will we recognize those in rebellion as being equals or will do the necessary theological and political gymnastics to exercise paternalism is our question for the day?

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