Modern Reformation: Sola Scriptura Contra Rome and Enthusiasm

The latest issue of Modern Reformation is out. The focus is on sola Scriptura. They’re always good but it’s an excellent issue. This issue contains essays on the original Protestant understanding of sola Scriptura as distinct from the Anabaptist (and modern evangelical understanding) of Scripture. You can read Mike Horton’s essay “The Gospel and the Sufficiency of Scripture: Church of the Word or Word of the Church” is available online free. Mike reminds us that we’ve always had to defend sola Scriptura against both Rome and the Anabaptists (and other enthusiasts). Good stuff. I found Jonathan Mumme’s essay “The Spirit, the Spirit’s, and the Letter” particularly edifying. Larry Hurtado’s brief history of reception of the canon is helpful too as is Ken Sample’s defense of sola Scriptura.  If you’re not a subscriber to MR, this issue is a good example of why you ought to subscribe.

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