Getting the Gospel Right: It’s Harder Than It Looks And Simpler Than It Seems

Thanks to WSC student Brenden Link for the latest installment in the WSC video series. This episode features WSC MDiv student Jon Bushnell (class of 2011). Check out our Youtube channel.

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  1. Amen! Praise God for the wonderfully sufficient, and astonishingly simple gift of salvation through Christ alone. May God raise up more and more men who share Brenden’s passion for preaching the pure gospel in our churches.

  2. LOL-Jon was one of my high school Bible students! Man I feel old. You guys are doing a great job in training these guys–keep up the good work. Jon, can’t wait to sit under one of your sermons.

  3. Thanks RSC for posting this and for all the efforts of WSC in training these men for ministry. Great to see you all making use of the different media we have today (podcasts, videos, etc.)

    Hearing the good news never fails to amaze and encourage me – thanks – I NEED it every day!

  4. This guy does make it look easy. Even if u really know what the Gospel is and isn’t, and even if u have read and understood a great deal of Galatians, it’s very difficult to be as succinct and as clear as this guy was.

    Was this actually scripted? 🙂

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