New In Print: A Companion to Paul in the Reformation

companiontopaulJust for the sake of completeness I want to let you know about the latest publication, “The Reception of Paul in Heidelberg: The Pauline Commentaries of Caspar Olevianus,” in R. Ward Holder, ed. A Companion to Paul in the Reformation (Leiden: Brill, 2009).  Academic libraries will be interested in this volume but not many individuals will be able to afford this volume. Scholars of historical theology and of the history of interpretation will be interested in this volume as it features entries by a number of outstanding Reformation scholars. UPDATE: The table of contents is below.

  • Introduction—Paul in the Sixteenth Century: Invitation and a Challenge…R. Ward Holder

Paul in the Medieval Tradition

  • Paul and the Late Middle Ages…Karlfried Froehlich

Paul and the Humanists

  • Desiderius Erasmus’ Representation of Paul as Paragon of Learned Piety…Riener A. Faber
  • Jacques Lefevre d’Etaples: A Humanist or Reformist View of Paul and his Theology? …Irena Backus

Paul and Lutheran Theologians

  • Martin Luther’s Reception of Paul…Mickey L. Mattox
  • The Rhetorical Paul: Philip Melanchthon’s Interpretation of the Pauline Epistles…Timothy J. Wenger
  • Brenz and Paul…Hermann Ehmer
  • God’s Select Vessel and Chosen Instrument: The Interpretation of Paul in Late REformation Lutheran Interpretation…Robert Kolb

Paul and the Anabaptist Theologians

  • Paul in Early Anabaptism…R. Emmet McLaughlin

Paul and the Reformed Theologians

  • Bullinger and Paul…Peter Opitz
  • Calvin’s Reception of Paul…Barbara Pitkin
  • The Reception of Paul in Heidelberg: The Pauline Commentaries of Caspar Olevianus…R. Scott Clark

Paul and the Roman Theologians

  • Johann von Staupitz under Pauline Inspiration…Jared Wicks, SJ
  • Cajetan on Paul…Michael O’ Connor
  • Augustinus anior interpres Apostoli. thomas Stapleton and the Louvain Augustinian School’s Reception of Paul…Wim Francois

Paul and Spanish Evangelicalism

  • Antonio Del Corro and Paul as the Apostle of the Gospel of Universal Redemption…Rady Roldan-Figueroa

Paul’s Versatility

  • Versions of Paul…Vivienne Westbrook
  • Honor and Subjection in the Lord: Paul and the Family in the Reformation…Karen E. Spierling
  • Rules Proved by Exceptions: The Exegesis of Paul and Women in the Sixteenth Century…John L. Thompson
  • Paul and the Care of the Poor during the Sixteenth Century: A Case Study…Kurt K. Hendel
  • Robbing Paul to Pay Peter: The Reception of Paul in Sixteenth-Century Political Theology…David M. Whitford

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