Reformed Smokers, Rockers, and Air Supply

Darryl Hart takes the occasion of a comment by John Frame about smoking to lauch a salvo against “Reformed Rockers.”

I think he means the Reformed “soft” rockers, doesn’t he?

After all “Shine, Jesus Shine” has more in common with “Lost in Love” than it does with Who’s Next? or the Badlands. I think the Reformed Rockers would sit down for a smoke with him, wouldn’t they? They might not be able to hear well and it’s an open question as to what they might be smoking, but they would smoke wouldn’t they?

What puzzles me about the soft-rock, worship chorus singing lot, is that they are so latitudinarian about the second commandment and so legalistic where there is no commandment.1

1 96. What does God require in the second Commandment?

That we in no wise make any image of God, nor worship Him in any other way than He has commanded us in His Word.

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