Allen: Systematic Theology Helps Us To Keep Our Eyes On God

Scholastic and systematic theology has been much maligned in recent decades, often for putting God in a box and distorting the dramatic character of more occasional or narratival modes of thought. Yet the best historical studies of scholastic theology in its medieval and post-Reformation settings (both Roman Catholic and Reformed) show that concern for narrative and history doesn’t wane with the turn toward more school-oriented genres of writing. Indeed, I have tried to argue constructively that systematic thought serves a unique role precisely in keeping our eyes upon the whole counsel of God and its interconnections (many of which, though not all, are narratival).

Michael Allen | The Fear of the Lord: Essays on Theological Method (New York: T&T Clark, 2022), 6.


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  1. “Systematic Theology Helps Us To Keep Our Eyes On God.”

    What a beautiful–and true–thought.

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